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A Superior Optical Adhesive for Your Product

Lucent Gel is a versatile, durable, and convenient adhesive. When we use this material for laminating the touch panel and LCD panel, your product will be able to meet the requirements for passing the essential certifications.

Lucent Gel

Lucent Gel is Silicon-based, optical clear material for Touch and LCD panel bonding. Its light transmission rate is as high as 93.8% (with soda-lime glass). Lucent Gel is weather-proof, has superb shock absorption, and excellent viscosity. Other distinguished features include: bubbles resolved quickly, less Mura effect, and low shrinkage rate.

Lucent Gel is your top choice for that the easy optical bonding operation allows to bypass the process of dismantling metal frame of LCD panel. The small volume order quantity, and short lead time (3-4 weeks) makes it the best solution for your optical bonding machines.

Lucent Gel Specifications