FAQ & Technical Support

We have compiled some FAQ by customers, if you couldn't find the answer to your question below, feel free to contact us!

Q1. What size is Lucent Gel available in?

We can supply Lucent Gel from 1” to 32”.

Q2. What thickness is Lucent Gel available in?

The thickness of Lucent Gel ranges from 0.33mm to 1.8mm, and the standard thicknesses are 0.5mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm. If customers have other thickness requirements, AMT can customize sheets for customers.

Q3. Is Lucent Gel a sheet or a roll?

Lucent Gel is produced in the form of sheets, and then cut according to the size required by customers.

Q4. What are the advantages of Lucent Gel?

1. Lucent gel is silicon-based.
2. Excellent shock absorption (compared to air bonding, the ball drop level can be improved from 1.5J to 2.3J)
3. Because bonding releases internal stress, Lucent gel is soft and reduces the Mura effect of LCD displays. It is not like OCR, which will cause more Mura due to thermal expansion and contraction.
4.  After the reliability test:
    Silicone glue : △b<1 / △E<1.5,  Lucent gel has excellent yellowing resistance.
    Acrylic glue : △b specification is not guaranteed.
    PU glue : △E>3, so user easily to see the LCD panel yellowish.
5. Due to internal stress issues, air bubbles are generated during the lamination process. Lucent gel material is softer and can defoam quickly.
6. Re-workable: Lucent is easily to re-work under room temperature.  However, Acrylic material request very low temperature if need re-work.
7. Wide selection of thickness while maintaining even thickness throughout the gel.
8. Suitable for objects of different shapes.
9. High Yield rate, small order quantity.

Q5. What is the anti-UV and anti-yellowing ability of Lucent Gel?

Lucent Gel can pass the verification of QUV ASTM G154 Cycle1 1500HR and Q Sun MIL-STD-810H PRO1 1000HR. After the test, there is no bad appearance and ∆E<1.5.

Q6. Can using Lucent Gel prevent LCD from deteriorating due to sunlight?

Lucent Gel is silicone, which is UV resistant. It cannot prevent the impact of UV on LCD.

Q7. Can Lucent Gel be laminated with a roller laminating machine?

Compared with acrylic glue, Lucent Gel is softer and jelly-like. The first and second laminations must be laminated by vacuum. Rolling will cause deformation of the gel, which will lead to air bubbles after lamination.

Q8. Is it necessary to clean the surface of glass or touch panel / LCD before lamination?

Cleaning before bonding can increase surface adhesion, and cleanliness will affect the bonding effect. Please use n-heptane for cleaning.

Q9. What's the alternative of n-heptane for cleaning?

If n-heptane is not available, please use acetone or plasma machine plasma cleaner.

Q10. Does Lucent Gel have suggested process steps and parameter conditions (bonding/defoaming/standstill)?

We will provide the Lucent Gel user manual to customers when samples are shipped. The manual includes suggestions on lamination process, lamination pressure and defoaming conditions.

Q11. What's the best bonding pressure?

The bonding pressure is as light as possible to avoid internal stress. Please contact us for detailed parameters.

Q12. Is baking necessary after the second lamination?

This process is for checking whether the lamination was successful, and also to release the inner stress. Through this baking process, the delay bubble that may be generated by the internal hardness can be reduced. This procedure can enhance reliability, however customers can evaluate and adjust by themselves.

Q13. Is there a shelf life or storage condition limit for Lucent Gel?

The warranty period of Lucent Gel is within 6 months after shipment, and the storage condition is that the temperature is between 10~30°C and the humidity is between 30~75%. If Lucent Gel is stored for more than 6 months, the optical gel body will not change qualitatively and can still be used normally.

Q14. If Lucent Gel needs to be reworked, what methods can be used?

The glue of Lucent Gel is soft, and the defective products can be separated by cutting with nylon thread at room temperature.