Product Introduction

Lucent Gel

Lucent Gel is a pliable silicone based solid optically clear adhesive (SOCA). Produced under strict environmental controls, Lucent Gel has great optical performance, is UV-resistant, and can withstand a wide range of temperatures and humidity.  

Aside from not having liquid leakage as optical clear resin (OCR), Optical bonding using Lucent Gel has significantly less bubble and mura. Its high adhesive and great viscosity makes it a great asset to your products.  It's great performance shock absorption makes it a durable and reliable great product! 

Lucent Gel is a solid sheet pre-cured to an even thickness and can be pre-cut into shapes specified by customers. Lucent Gel can also be produced thick to fill imperfections and increase adhesion.

Lucent Gel can improve the quality and reliability of industrial and medical displays, enhance the performance of displays, and meet a wide range of application requirements.

Common Issues After Optical Bonding

Air Bubbles

Yellowing or Hazing

Stress Mura

External Impact

Features of Lucent Gel

High Adhesion,
Great Viscosity


Optical Effect

Shock Absorption

The Solution Just for YOU!

High Adhesion, Great Viscosity

The quality of Lucent Gel is a great example of craftsmanship of Lucent Advanced. We proudly produces gels with even thickness and its excellent viscosity can be adhered to uneven surfaces.

● Supports thickness: 0.5mm to 2.0mm
● Very ductile and pliable, High adhesion gel, and can fill the warpage of PC or PMMA
● Good defoaming (debubble) performance
● Supports curved bond

Excellent Weather-Resistance

Lucent Gel can cope with a wide-temperature range and functions perfectly under extended UV exposure. This ensures minimal cracking, blistering and yellowing caused by UV rays.

Excellent UV resistance,  passed:
● ASTM G154 Cycle 1 QUV test for 1000 hours, ∆E<1.5
● MIL-STD-810H PRO1 Q-Sun test for 1000 hours, ∆E<1.5 

Extended temperature range,  passed:
-40~95℃ for 1000 hours, ∆E<1.5
85℃, 85% RH for 1000 hours, ∆E<1.5

Optimal Optical Effect

Lucent Gel possesses exceptional light transmittance as high as 93.8%. Lucent Gel has no curing process hence stress Mura would not occur.

● No curing process required, No stress mura
Bonding and defoaming pressure is low, not easy to squeeze the LCD to cause Mura

Superb Shock Absorption

Characteristics including excellent vibration and shock absorption are invaluable in automotive, portable, rugged, or mission critical systems.

● 1.5 stronger shock absorption than Air Bond
● Meets the strict surface impact specifications, satisfies the demand of machine tools and outdoor applications

Lucent Gel Specifications

Lucent Gel Reliability Data